Facebook: The Harvey Weinstein of Technology

Facebook: The Harvey Weinstein of Technology

Why this sector needs its own #metoo movement

Hey girl: you want to violate the trust of our consumers by using their data for nefarious causes?

Let’s be clear. An entertainment producer publicly fornicating, verbally and physically assaulting, and raping countless women is by no means equitable or comparable to the data breaches administered byFacebook. Mr. Weinstein’s actions, and then countless men who acted in the same manner, warrant a lengthy jail sentence or harsh legal rebuke.

But if corporations are humans, than Facebook has shown just as much meglomaniac indecency and disdain for ethics as the people caught in the #metoo movement. As I read Mark Zuckerberg’s half-hearted apology and canned responses in his interviews today, it is apparent we’re witnessing another vessel of unchecked power, a cover up of atrocious and unjustifiable behavior, and an entity that gave zero-fucks of undermining the trust of its consumers and colleagues.

Why this also resembles a similar situation to Mr. Weinstein is because we know data breach and misuse of consumer information, like sexual assault and harassment in Hollywood, is more of a feature than a bug in the Silicon Valley.

So, let’s continue to scrupulously examine Facebook’s cozy relationship with Cambridge Analytica. They deserve to be heavily scrutinized. But let’s also understand that Facebook’s constant disregard for privacy, belief in unchecked power, and undignified approach toward its consumers is a common variable among several tech platforms.

As Facebook begins to fall, so should everyone else in Silicon Valley who acted in the same manner.

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